Miss Jubilee at Voce

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Last night I photographed a very fun band that is a local act called Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers.  Their sound was remnant of big band music that other groups such as Squirrel Nut Zippers had success with in the late ’90’s.  Miss Jubilee herself delivers a performance that you can’t help but be entertained watching.  Her comfortability on stage paired with her clear and textured vocals make for quite a well rounded front woman comparatively speaking.  I’ll have to also say that the club the show was at also housed the bands sound perfectly.

Voce is located at Clark & Tucker, about a blog down past the Scottrade Center.  With it also being connected to the newly relocated Maurizio’s Restaurant, it offers much more than just another concert club.  Voce has also recently held some local shows for jazz artists such as Kim Massie and Erin Bode, which the space is perfect for.  The venue is very comfortable and the sound of the room is awesome compared to other small to mid-size clubs in St. Louis.  This is a place you need to check out, it stays open until 1:30am which is prefect for carrying on your evening after an event at Scottrade or The Peabody!

Enjoy the images, I had a lot of fun photographing Miss Jubilee and that feeling really came through in what I captured.


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