The Used…Still The Voice of Our Youth

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The Used played a show at The Pageant last night and it was a very interesting experience.  Their debut album dates back to 2002, which is when I first was exposed to them.  At that time I was 21 and into a lot of “emo” type hard/heavy rock music that had lyrics expressing the pain of love affairs that ended horribly, which broke into some kind of “screamo” chorus that you would aggressively shake your fist to.  This emotion is a very young feeling when everything that doesn’t go the exact way you expected it to completely devastates your life for at least a month, providing amble reasoning to go out and drown your sorrows in cheap light beer.  Some how as The Used have aged and grownup, now having five studio albums under their belt, they have maintained this youthful quality in their music that appeals to the angst that one endures when maturing into young adulthood.

Even though I felt too old to be at the show last night and I have lost the connection I once had to The Used’s music, Bert McCracken always delivers an energetic performance that you can’t help but be entertained by.  I captured some great shots of him doing what he does best, working the crowd.  Catch them playing in a city near you, the Take Action Tour wraps up in L.A. on 3/1.


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