Sum 41…These Fine Canadians Rocked Pops!

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On Tuesday at Pop’s Night Club I had a great night photographing Sum 41, a band who has known for their tongue and cheek style of song writing, seemed to have grown up but not quite lost the fire that made them so popular.  Originally having their break through hit “Fat Lip” take MTV and modern rock radio by storm in 2001, you can tell over the years that they’ve grown as song writers having hits like “We’re All To Blame” off of the album Chuck released in 2004.  These two hits and many more were performed for a crowd that I can only describe as one that was ready to rock out, chanting the bands name before they took stage and eagerly waiting for an occurrence that regularly happens at  Sum 41 shows.

While entering the photo pit security was very animate that we stay close to the side of the stage durning the third song in the set when they knew things would get crazy.  Frontman Deryck Whibley encourages the crowd to mosh, crowd surf, and be sent over the front barriers to come join him on stage.  You could tell through the first two songs the crowd was just eager with anticipation to hear Deryck give the command.  Being showmen has always been one of this bands strong suits and last night it was evident that it could be the main reason they have had such staying power which resulted in them packing a venue full of people on a rainy Wednesday evening in Sauget, Illinois.

Enjoy the photos and let me know your thoughts if you’re a Sum 41 fan or just let me know whatever random thoughts come to your head, I encourage it!


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