3 Doors Down & Daughtry

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On Wednesday evening, 1/30 I had the opportunity to spend my evening at Peabody Opera House which is becoming one of my favorite venue’s in town.  The history, architect, and sound that this venue showcases is like no other.  Even when I am there photographing a band I may not be into very much it’s still just great to be inside the building.  I arrived to this show with that exact mind set, feeling I was not going to be too impressed by the two acts and I was completely mistaken.

3 Doors Down took the first headlining slot of the evening playing before Daughtry and I just have to say that these boys from Mississippi are a fine example of a great American rock band.  It was one of those experiences where I was familiar with the bands debut album but wasn’t expecting much from their catalog.  Needless to say I was shocked by how many of their songs I knew, they were also tight as a bell and were really enjoying themselves on stage which is always nice to see in a band.  They whipped out a Megadeath cover and lead vocalist Brad Arnold was presented with a Cardinals jersey commemorating the recent passing of Stan Musial.  Brad proudly displayed the back of the jersey which of course adorned Stan the Man’s name and the number 6 which was his number his entire career, this was the perfect thing to get a crowd full of devout Cardinals fans to loose their shit.  For me and many people in the room, 3 Doors Down kind of stole the momentum from the show leaving a unenthused feeling for Daughtry who was closing the night out.

This write up is tight and straight to the point, it’s almost 3 am and I have to start my day job at 8am.  I loved 3 Doors Down and Daughtry was just Daughtry, like American Idol is just a network television show.  Enjoy the pics, the lighting was fantastic!


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