St. Charles Ice Festival 1.26.13

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In lieu of the “Snow-mageddon” that has hit the Mid-West this afternoon I felt it most appropriate to add some pictures to the blog from the St. Charles Ice Festival that happens every January.  It happened to fall on 1/26 this year and it has become quite the tradition for me and my in-laws to enjoy.  The Ice Festival is an attraction that draws many people and St. Charles Main Street is the perfect host for this and many festivals throughout the year.  With it’s historical significance and abundance of shops, as well as an immense array of different eateries spanning from eclectic to bar and grill type fair, Main Street is a perfect weekend activity for all ages.

For those of you that don’t know St. Charles is a river town that dates back to the late 1700’s, nestled up against the banks of the Missouri River.  In 1821 Missouri was granted statehood, in which they picked Jefferson City as the capital.  Jefferson City was underdeveloped at the time which lead to St. Charles acting as the operating capital of Missouri from 1821-1826 until the states present capital was ready for service.  If you walk the streets of St. Charles you will see many historical and colonial looking buildings that still date back to that time period.

Enjoy some of my choice picks from the festival and be sure to check it out next year.  The festival is always in January and generally around the last weekend of the month, mark it on your calendars because it is totally worth it!


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