Big Head Todd at Hard Rock Cafe

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As some of you might be traveling home from a variety of different events this Friday night, which could include arriving home after a great night of live music at the Pageant after seeing a blast from the bast.  Of course I would be referring to the one and only Big Head Todd & The Monsters.  If you are an avid 1057 The Point listener you might have heard that Big Head Todd were making a quick stop by the Hard Rock Cafe at Union Station to play an afternoon lunch hour show.  If you missed out on this I’m very sorry because it was something unique and one of a kind.

Broadcasting live from Hard Rock Cafe, 1057 the Point gave air time to some great music that was all happening in real time.  This awesome lunch hour show was intended for station listeners to come by Union Station, grab some great food, and listen to an intimate performance before the big show tonight at the Pageant.  Even though the crowd was only given a performance of 4 songs the room was so small that even standing at the back felt like you were no more than 5 rows from the stage.  There was also a quick meet and greet by the band as attentants exited, where they could grab a snap shot as well as an autograph!

I wasn’t able to be present at tonights show or have the opportunity to gain a photo pass so this quick live moment was great and fulfilled my Big Head Todd fix, who I actually did get to photograph at the Pageant last year around this time so I can’t complain.  Please let me know how the full show was tonight, I would imagine they delivered a great set!


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