Imagine Dragons Set The Crowd on Fire

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This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to cover a sold out show at the Pageant.  On the bill for the night was Imagine Dragons, Atlas Genius, and Nico Vega and I was happy to see that all of those bands were doing well enough to have a house packed with an energetic crowd ready for a rock show.  It’s exciting to see bands in their prime and up and coming in the industry.  Of course when I arrived I went through the normal process of picking up my photo pass at will call and heading into the venue through the Halo Bar to beat the line which wrapped around the side of the building, stretching almost all the way to the end of the back parking lot.  I was prepared to have a relaxing evening of socializing with work people and photographing a couple bands, which I was most excited about photographing Nico Vega.  Being that I had photographed Imagine Dragons back in August when they opened for Awolnation it was nice to have another band on the bill I was equally looking forward to photographing.  I was also pleasantly surprised when I entered the pit for Imagine Dragons to find out that this evening was not a normal three song limit as usual, in fact me and a few other photographers got the approval to shoot the entire show from where ever we’d like in the venue.  This is not a standard or a regular occurrence, it’s basically like giving crack to a concert photographer.  Needless to saw I took way too many images which lead to a longer edit time than usual, this is why it has taken me awhile to get some photos out there but it was worth it.  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the Night:

  1. Arriving early enough to the show to take in the excitement and energy of a sold out concert reminding me that music is the most amazing thing in the world, it is why I love what I do so very much!
  2. Seeing Nico Vega in what I can only describe as a stripped down set than normal, opening with an acoustic number with only her and the guitarist on stage.
  3. Getting the run of the Pageant to finally put my Sigma 70-200mm to the test.  I photographed from the sides of the stage, from the pit, from random places in the crowd, from the sound board, from the balcony, and from the private radio station box.  It was awesome and the first time I can say my photos accurately represent the show I photographed.
  4. Seeing frontman Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons do his thing, beating on an array of different sized drums which adds a layer of sound that most bands just don’t have with one drummer.
  5. The changing lighting set ups were just amazing.  It was difficult to set your camera on an appropriate setting at times but it provided an array of different background coloring for the set of photos I picked to release.

I have to say there was nothing to complain about this evening other than the fact that I missed photographing Atlas Genius.  I was wrapped up in catching up with co-workers and friends, and by the time I got back into the venue I only was only able to catch the last couple songs of their set.  I was shocked to see how into them the crowd was but ooh well I guess that will give me something to look forward to the next time they’re in town.  Enjoy the pics as always and let me know how you liked the show if you attended.


2 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons Set The Crowd on Fire

  1. While I did not attend the show, I feel like I did just from your expansive photographs and description of the evening, Adam! Keeping rocking that camera the way you do, honey. xoxo

  2. Thanks Mary I appreciate the support and encouragement. If I could get a gig as a tour photographer imagine the work I could turnaround every night…I love this so much, photographing is my happy place!

    By the way on a personal note we need to touch base and just commit to a date for a dinner…I know it’s been months if not over a year since I’ve seen Dust. Too long I tell you, hit me up on Facenbook over the weekend. 🙂

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