The Merry Moo Bear

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This post is in honor of the other living being in my life that I love and cherish as much as my wife, this would be our dog Merry.  Merry is an 8 lb., 9 year old Shih Tzu that completely has the run of our house.  She was purchased by my family around Christmas along with her brother whom went to live with my Grandparents.  In fact to this day the only other dog in the world that our little Merry can stand being around is her brother Browning, who is about 16 lb. and were from the same litter.  Even though that makes Miss Merry the runt, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Merry also responds to a slew of other names that range from Moo Bear, Merry Moo, Moomers, Little Moo, and Merr Bear.  Here one requirement in life is to be by your side and occasionally be treated with one of her five favorite human foods.  Scrambled eggs, popcorn, peanuts, cheese, and Moo Shu Pancakes (no pun intended) are her treats of choice.

Some of these pics are not all spot on from a photography stand point but at times you have to capture a dog in the moment and not when they are posing for you or when you have your camera focused perfectly with ideal lighting.  As you can see this little dog has a world of expressions in her.  She reminds me and my wife everyday that as long as you have someone to love that everything will be okay.  Please feel free to share any stories you have about your extra little someone that brightens your day when you walk through the door and I’d love to see you post some of your pics as well.  Happy Saturday!


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