The Orchid Show 2013

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If you live in St. Louis one other thing you should do is go to Missouri Botanical Gardens whenever you can.  If you live in St. Louis City you get a discounted admission into the Gardens as well as free entry between the morning hours of 7am-9am, so it’s completely worth it.  For the last five years me and my wife have been members, which we are happy every time we go there that we are.  One of the many yearly exhibits they have is the Orchid Show, which is free to enter if you’re a member and even if you have to pay the few dollars to get in is totally worth it.

This slideshow showcases some of my favorite images I captured that day and in photographing this amazingly vibrant type of flower I’ve come to the conclusion that I favor close tight photographic images.  It is just satisfying to edit these and see the amount of detail that you can get with sharp focus, making the flowers almost jump off the screen.  Seeing the delicate veining in the pedals and the feathering of hints of color you didn’t notice while framing the shot make photography so worth the time and effort.

If you are not a member of the Garden please click through to this link: to see all the benefits that come along with your membership.  Year round free admission to Shaw Nature Reserve is another gem this membership and state have to over, which you can look forward to seeing some images from a past trip to that reservation later in the week.


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