Wizard World Comic-Con, St. Louis

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Yesterday I attended the first Comic-Con to come through St. Louis and this town was loving it.  Not knowing what to expect as I entered the America Center it was clear that I had my work cut out for me.  The convention started at 10am on Saturday and by 1pm it was hard to walk through the crowd without bumping into someone, which is an awesome thing to have happen at an event and I’m very proud that our community supported it so heavily.  Below are my Top 5 favorite things of I experienced throughout the day, it was an interesting event to say the least.

  1. The costumes that the convention goers showed up in were amazing.  Some in costume were there working for Comic-Con but a majority of them were all attendants of the event, and at times offered as photo ops for people to pose with.  It was much like being at Disney World and stopping to get your picture taken with Mickey Mouse.
  2. The artwork that was on display was awesome!  A lot of it was hand drawn and some were drawn by the artist at the convention right out of their booth.
  3. Seeing many parents bringing their kids was great, when I was a kid I would have totally dug going to Comic-Con!
  4. The Greater St. Louis Ghostbusters table was by far my favorite, with real life looking “ecto packs”.
  5. The celebrities that were in attendance.  Billie Dee Williams, Henry Winkler, Dean Cain, Lou Ferigno, Stan Lee, and the dude that plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies just to name a few.

St. Louis seemed to really enjoy this event and I hope to see this become a yearly stop for Comic-Con like San Diego and New York are.  It would be great to see our city host more events like this and I will defiantly be there to photograph next year as well, I can’t wait!  Saturday was a blast and a chance to extend my skills, reaching out of my comfort zone of concerts and nature photography.  Please feel free to comment and share your pics as well.


5 thoughts on “Wizard World Comic-Con, St. Louis

  1. I know, the guy dressed up like Jack Sparrow could have really passed for Johnny! The costumes were amazing and very top notch, I think a lot of them where hand made. It was a pretty awesome experience, I hope I make it to San Diego sometime for their Comic-Con.


  2. You were totally there when I was! We probably just missed each other. Anyway love these pictures. They are wonderful. You’re missing Stan “the Man” Lee though. Captain Jack Sparrow was down perfectly. I thought he was Johnny Depp at first. For my first Comic Con I think it was the perfect start, honestly I didn’t want to leave… there’s always next year. Plus other Cons!

      1. Hey Adam, You’re good. I haven’t been able to check the blog as much lately anyway. Yes though, next year will be awesome!!

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