Autumn Hill Jazz Festival, 3.29.13

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Last Friday, March 29th, I got to photograph the Autumn Hill Jazz Festival at Sheldon Concert Hall.  There were three acts playing which included Eric Marienthal with Bach to the Future, the Dawn Weber Trio, and Ptah Williams.  This festival was organized by the Silverman Brothers and yielded a tremendous turnout.  To recap the highlights of the evening, below are my Top 5 Favorite Moments of the Night:

  1. Getting to roam around the Sheldon more casually than I ever have been able to before, and seeing the green room as well as being able to pick any place in the building to photograph from was amazing.
  2. Hearing the jazz infused renditions of Bach songs by Bach To The Future was a new way to experience something I at times overlook.
  3. Having Eric Marienthal team up with Bach To The Future to introduce his saxophone into the mix added an entirely different layer to the bands sound.
  4. Being able to be present at an event that supported HD radio programming.
  5. Having the opportunity to photograph Dawn Weber is always a highlight of my night!  She is an awesome entertainer and expressive as hell, photographing her always yields some awesome images.

Sorry for the delay on posting these, next time any of these bands play around town check them out.  You don’t have to love jazz to enjoy watching these acts.



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