Southwest Road Trip, Part 1

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In the wee hours of Sunday morning, 1am to be exact, me and my road dogging wife Melissa returned home from a week long road trip.  This journey took us through Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and to our destination in the great state of Arizona.  We even ventured over to Nevada one day but that story is for another post.  Being a photographer I took many pictures as we traveled down the road and stopped to see the over abundance of sites scattered along the bones of what use to be Route 66.  I’ve decided to break this trip up into three posts to better document the places we were lucky enough to visit on this adventure.  Below is an explanation of what the slideshow illustrates, documenting April 6th-April 7th of our 7 day Southwest vacation.

  1. Images 1-5 display one of the last standing Route 66 attractions that has remained intact in it’s original setting right along a strip of the original highway.  This also marks the only double stretch of the roadway one would encounter if they were traveling it cross country.  This fantastic blue whale is built around a watering hole in Catoosa, Oklahoma and when leaving from St. Louis is only about 6 hours away.
  2. Images 6-10 are of another old Route 66 attraction that we stumbled upon by just pulling over to make a pit stop in New Mexico.  The Contiental Divide separates the watersheds of the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans,this serves as a massive drainage basin spanning miles across the United States.  The look out is located adjacent to a 1/2 mile loop of the original Route 66 that you can drive on, which is pretty awesome all in it’s own.
  3. Images 11-15 are of the Petrified Forest National Park located down Highway 40 in New Mexico which starts off with a display of the Painted Desert.  It only cost $10 to get in and has a very convenient roadway to travel down with many stopping points and look outs to take photos.  It is awe inspiring to experience these natural formations of reds and purples that resemble Rover images brought back to us from Mars.  This area totally reminded me of Luke Skywalker’s home planet!
  4. Images 16-20 are of the other side of the Petrified Forest National Park.  It contains a couple trails that walk alongside prehistoric pieces of woods and logs that have been buried for so long that the minerals underground replaced the chemical make up of what made them wood, changing them into to crystalized stone.  It was amazing!
  5. Finally images 21-24 are of the Meteor Crater that is located off Highway 40 in Arizona.  It is over 550 feet deep and is 2.4 miles in circumference.  Needless to say it was one big hole in the ground and it’s breathtaking to stand alongside.

I hope you enjoyed the images from Part 1 of my trip, please stay tuned.  My second post will showcase Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon, and Lake Havasu City!


2 thoughts on “Southwest Road Trip, Part 1

    1. I totally suggest touring the park, I believe it cost $10 a car load to get in which is cheaper than the Grand Canyon. It was breathtaking to see! Thanks for the kind words!

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