April; A Slow Month For Concerts…

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As you can see from my April blog posts not many of them have been showcasing concerts, which is odd for me.  I was out of commission on vacation for 10 days of the month and the days I was free there weren’t many opportunities to grab, in fact most of the big shows happened the week I was gone.  That being said I have saved sharing this show on the blog until now.  This is Sevendust, Coal Chamber, and Lacuna Coil on April 5th at Pop’s in lovely Sauget, Illinois.  This show was the night before I left for Arizona and to be honest I was all over this place when I was photographing and it was hard to focus, but I really didn’t want to pass up this opportunity for one very good reason.

The first club show I saw when I was a kid, at the ripe young age of 16, was on August 20th, 1997 at the Hi Pointe off Skinker Avenue.  On the bill was was Powerman 5000 and Coal Chamber, but unfortunately a conflict came up in Coal Chamber’s schedule and they had to cancel.  We didn’t find this out until we arrived at the show.  At this point most people still went to the library to use dial up Internet and you might be lucky enough to have a beeper.  As I entered the club, which was the upstairs of a bar that was attached to a movie theater, I didn’t know what to expect.  Everyone was talking about a new band from Georgia that just got thrown on the bill in place of Coal Chamber called Sevendust.  I had no idea that the evening was going to be amazing, with both bands playing their asses off as the crowd literarily hung from the rafters of the Hi Pointe.  The one down fall was that I never got to see Coal Chamber live, so what better turn of events to not only get another opportunity to see them but also photograph them.

Lacuna Coil, Coal Chamber, and Sevendust came to the stage and played like the veterans they are.  It appears that all the bands formed roughly 20 years ago and had breakthrough years between 1997 and 1999, Coal Chamber of course disbanded in 2003 but the other two acts are still putting out albums and playing shows.  It’s always a pleasure to see Sevendust and Coal Chamber was just as heavy and blunt as they have ever been.  Vocalist Dez Fafara still had the pipes and commanded the audience with direction, I wish I would have caught Devil Driver live at some point.  Then you have Lacuna Coil whose fist pounding heavy parts were mixed with really open male and female vocal melodies performed by Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia.  Cristina Scabbia is now one of the two new rocker chick crushes I have going on, seconded ironically by Coal Chamber’s bassist Chela Rhea Harper.  There is just something awesome about female musicians, and oh did I mention they are more fun to photograph than sweaty dudes?


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