Ha Ha Tonka State Park

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Last Saturday we took a small day trip to Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camdenton, MO.  My wife had visited the park when she was younger and had been wanting to take me here for some time knowing I’d get lost in photo heaven.  I had no idea about the history of the park and that there was a hotel resort there at one time.

Nestled on the far end of the Lake of the Ozarks, the park was the site of a hotel that was built like a castle out of stone which was the vision of Kansas City buisness man Robert McClure Snyder.  He purchased the land that is named Ha Ha Tonka, meaning “laughing water” in Native American and is in honor of the spring that runs through the land at the bottom of the cliff the castle rests on top of.   The castle was to be a luxury resort with a fireplace in every room, unfortunately in 1942 somehow the structure caught fire burning it to the ground leaving only a stone shell that makes the ruins that people travel from all around to see.

The photos in the slideshow were made Black & White because they just had that feel when I looked at what I captured.  It was an eerie day hazy, foggy, and rainy almost making you feel like the air was still fresh with smoke clouds from a freshly extinguished fire.  It was surreal and awesome to take in.


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