Tracy Morgan…Enough Said

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Last night I got to photograph a live event that I don’t regularly get an opportunity to shoot, a comedy show.  I had photographed some local comedians earlier this year at Voce and Brian Reagan a couple weekends ago at the Fox Theatre, so I’ve had a little experience in this realm and the one thing that I’ve learned about these types of live shows if that you have to photograph a lot of shots in sequence in hopes you capture that prefect expression that almost freezes the performer in the middle of telling a joke.  Tracy Morgan proved to be just as interesting as I expected him to be.

The Pageant hosted as the venue for the performance which actually is perfect for comedy shows.  I had seen my first comedy show there about 12 years ago when Dave Chappelle was touring right before his show started airing on Comedy Central.  I will have to say that Mr. Morgan came out swinging and during the 5 minutes I was able to photograph him I couldn’t hear my shutter going off over the laughter that radiated from the seats.  The topic of discussion that Tracy touched on ranged from making fun of St. Louis’ crazy weather, to making an observation as to how Oscar Pistorius’ “spatula like” prosthetics made him almost bionic, and finally dead ending his topic matter to a string of graphic sexual jokes.  It was a comedy show so a certain level of over the top descriptive analogies revolving around obscene acts was only inevitable, and in fact was funny when the comments were focused while leading the audience to the punch line.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph a live performance that was out of my normal tool shed of covering rock concerts.  Enjoy the images and try catching Tracy if he makes a stop through your town!


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