Pointfest 31

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Sunday was the 31st annual Pointfest and the fourth one I’ve worked on as a staff member.  For those of you not from St. Louis, Pointfest is a yearly festival that the local Alternative Rock station in town (1057 The Point) puts on and it generally features many of their core artists played in regular rotation.  The Point has been around since 1993 and are celebrating their 20 year anniversary of being the #1 Alternative rock station in our local market, in fact I grew up listening to 1057 along with KSHE 95 (Real Rock since 1967) and like myself many people in St. Louis have been loyal listeners for just as long.  This year the festival brought in the likes of Alice In Chains, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, Volbeat, Hollywood Undead, Sick Puppies, POD, and Halestorm.  I was tied up at a client tent doing promotional photography for most of the day and I was only able to catch about six of the bands this time around.  Below are my Top 5 Favorite Moments of the day.

  1. First and foremost getting to hang out with all my other photographer buddies was the biggest highlight of the day, in St. Louis we have a great group of professional shooters that are always a pleasure to share the pit with!
  2. Photographing Papa Roach was great, a band with so much energy that they almost jump out of the photo.
  3. Getting booted out of the pit early during Hollywood Undead because the crowd was too crazy.  Todd Morgan, of Backbeat Photography, noticed a wheelchair crowd surfed over the barricade which was followed by the owner of said chair.  No one got a photo of this and I completely missed it, if you don’t already know crowd surfing your way out of a mass group of people is the quickest way to get out of the crowd.  (by the way you can view more Pointfest photos on Todd’s site at this URL: http://www.backbeat-photography.com/)
  4. Seeing Lzzy from Halestorm backstage looking as fantastic as she always does, God Bless rocker chicks!
  5. Seeing Alice In Chains live was still amazing even with the new front man, who does a stellar job.  Although you must give props, RIP Layne Staley we still miss you buddy!

Enjoy the images, it was a beautiful day and I suggest going to a Pointfest if you’ve never been.  This festival has defiantly formed it’s own cult following since the first one took place in September of 1993, and just experiencing that little wonder can be more amazing than the musical acts on the lineup.


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