Lost Images From Pointfest 31

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Photographing a festival is a lot of fun but also a lot of work, as well as a fantastic learning experience.  Every time I walk away from a day full of photography I learn things that I take with me to the next job, it is a constant circle and I don’t believe anyone who does this for a living ever gets to a point where they’ve learned everything about this craft.  Here are some of the most important things I took away from the day.

  1. Be Selective When Shooting – At times you get carried away at a festival wanting to make sure you capture everything and get the best photos of the bands as possible, but keep in mind your turn around time and how much edit time you’re setting yourself up for as you take more and more photos.
  2. Have A Proper File Management System – Make sure when you transfer images, thousands at a time, you are separating them into concise folders that are specific to each memory card and camera you are transferring.
  3. Bring A Laptop With You – I saw a few of my peers dumping cards and even editing while at the festival, this was a huge time saver and allows a photographer to turn around event photos while the event is going on or immediately after it ends.

The three points I have made are all things that could be done better to decrease edit time and turn around time making sure as a event/concert photographer that you are releasing images when they are still valid to the attendes of the event.  In my case I’m going on day 5 after the event and I’m still releasing images, which in this digital age is a little too late to hit people when they are most engaged.  Still I had to post these as I really feel they were some of the best I took all day.


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