BRMC at the Vic Theatre

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Friday I had the great opportunity to photograph Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) at the Vic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.  There had been times in the past that I missed the chance to see a show at the Vic because of one reason or another and it’s always bothered me because I’ve heard nothing but good things about this venue.  When Black Rebel released tour dates and I saw Chicago was the closest they were coming to St. Louis I knew I had to go.

As you walk into the Vic you get this feeling that is comparable to what it felt like when you entered the American Theatre, now the remodeled Roberts Orpheum, in St. Louis.  Marble staircases and balconies with gold inlaid scrolling makes it almost feel like a religious experience to see a rock concert at this venue.  Black Rebel were perfect to experience in this type of space with their darkly grooving over-driven guitar riffs and low lighting with intense moments of bright flashes from rows of strobe lighting, it was just how rock shows were meant to be.  As the band opened with their latest single “Let The Day Begin” and then led right into “Rival”, another track from the new record, it was evident that they were ready to rock the crowd with their most recent material.  It also pointed out to me how well their body of work flowed together.  Five songs in they ripped into another great single “Beat The Devils Tattoo” which ended with an awesome crowd chanting closing to the song with drums and vocals.  The set kept moving like a train sprinkled with gems from throughout the bands catalog which includes 7 full length releases.

If you are a rock music fan you owe it to yourself to do two things, see a show at the Vic and see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club live.


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