Limp Bizkit at Pop’s

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Last night I got to photograph yet another band that I listened to constantly through my Junior and Senior years of high school.  I remember in the summer before my Junior year picking up Three Dollar Bill, Y’all in a small used record store called CD Reunion, the vocal stylings of rap and screaming mixed with Wes Borlands innovative guitar playing made this album a staple for anyone who listened to the heavy rock/metal generes.  I believe many people my age found the same connection with this album and that was evident from the reaction from the crowd at last nights show.

When the band took the stage the crowd exploded as Fred Durst bounced from one side to side, sporting an Adidas jump suit, he worked the crowd from the get go opening with “Rollin'”, followed by “Nookie”, and then “Hot Dog”.  This excited the crowd to the extend that security were pulling crowd surfers over the barricades like they were working a conveyor belt in a factory line.  Wes Borland also entertained the audience with his stage attire, which he changes from night to night, painted black from head to toe, shirtless in leather paints, with a LED face mask making him look like a hellish creature from a Mexican Day of the Dead parade.

I didn’t stay for the entire show but from what I saw and from what everyone reported on Facebook, it appears Limp Bizkit still has some validity and some devout fans in St. Louis.  Did I mention they sold out Pop’s, which I don’t think is bad for a band that hasn’t  been valid in the music scene for the past 10 years or so.


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