Cold War Kids Rock Plush

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Plush hosted the first headlining show the Cold War Kids have played in St. Louis, and I was very proud of our city last night.  It was a mix of young college hipsters and people in their early thirties that filled the room.  When the band took stage it was interesting to see the pockets of fans who had obviously been waiting for their chance to see this band for some time, as they exploded with excitement.  Original formed in Long Beach, California in 2004 the Cold War Kids released their debut in 2006, which was received well by the indie rock community.  You could tell this was the case at the show because towards the end of the set, when the band whipped out a stretch of tunes from Robbers & Cowards, the crowd joined in by singing along and clapping their hands to songs like “Rubidoux”.  It was truly a great night and I am always impressed when a band plays a new single early in the set which in my opinion shows that a group is established in their genere.  Hearing “Miracle Mile” early on really kept the set list moving into their old favorites.  This was one of those nights you walk away from a show happy you attended and thankful you got to see such a talented group of musicians in an intimate setting.  I have a feeling the next time this band comes to town they will play a room twice the size of Plush.  Do yourself a favor and get this bands entire catalog, you will not be disappointed.


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