Foals at Pageant – June 7th, 2013

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I just got finished editing this handful of images of the Foals who played at the Pageant in St. Louis just this evening.  I don’t have much to say other than I will most likely be looking into more of their music.  The crowd was an interesting mix of couples, young girls, and young adults in the age group of 19-25.  As the band took the stage I soon figured out why.

The Foals have this kind of airy sound that is sprinkled with funk like guitar strumming played in clean higher octaves, much like many modern “indie” bands that hipster chicks who are addicted to the HBO show Girls listen to.  I’m not saying this to nock the band at all, I in fact like similar acts as Grouplove but this was my first exposure to them so I can’t really give an accurate opinion on how I feel.

This is kind of a quick blog post as I have many shows this weekend and I’m just happy I got the edits done before Story of the Year tomorrow night, which is actually only 16 or so hours away.  Stay tuned for more and let me know your thoughts on the Foals and what I should actually know about them.


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