Story of the Year at Pageant – June 8th, 2013

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Tonight the Pageant hosted a sold out Story of the Year show which was thinly toted as the 10 Year Anniversary of the release of their debut album Park Ave.  Regardless of the reason for the show one thing was for sure, St. Louis was ready to see them preform live again.  The sold out crowd was chanting along and throwing their arms in the air throughout the entire show as Dan Marsala often climbed onto the barriers to get closer to the audience.  If you’re not familiar with this bands history, they played the local scene for many years as Big Blue Monkey and had such a strong fan base in their hometown that it helped them gain national success obtaining two gold records under their belts.  The show was packed with energy, I stayed for about the first six songs, and from what I here the entire show was like a moving train that kept a consistent speed until they left the stage.

Enjoy the images and as always please share your thoughts on the band and the show if you attended.


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