Past Concerts I Never Posted

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The end of May into June has presented itself to be one of the busiest schedules I’ve had as a concert photography.  There was a time I was shooting club show 3-4 nights out of the week with breaks in between shows but in the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of three night stints which makes it hard to keep up with when trying to run a blog.  In this slide show it includes three sets of images from three different shows.  Below is a brief list with what I took away from each experience.

  1. May 25th, 2013 – Korn at Peabody.  There are only four images I felt comfortable releasing from this shoot.  As a live event photographer you are at times at the whim of your surroundings you’re in as many times you have no control over the lighting conditions and the vantage point you are able to shoot from.  Korn was a prefect example of a combination of challenging conditions and really being off my game.  It happens, but I was still thankful that I had the opportunity to photograph a band that I listened to through most of High School.  Seeing a band like Korn brings back good memories from my youth.
  2. June 2nd, 2013 –  Alkaline Trio at Pops.  This was a very relaxed show for me with the club being sold out at a comfortable capacity, I photographed the night before for Limp Bizkit and it was elbow to elbow.  I was not familiar with Alkaline Trio before the show and I have to say they were not bad.  It was awesome they moved the stage monitors from the front of the stage which provided some really nice opportunities to capture full body portrait shots of the band members who really seemed to love jamming their tunes.  The crowd, filled heavily with women, responded with singing along and yelling in between songs.  It was a solid show at a mid-size rock club, to sum it up in one statement.
  3. June 9th, 2013 – Decibel Magazine Tour featuring Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death at Pops.  This is a show I had been looking forward to for months as I don’t get much of a chance to shoot metal shows and I just knew that this one was going to be awesome.  Seeing these heavy acts, clearly aged in their appearance, rocking out and head banging their long locks made for a very fun show to sit back and watch.  The crowd filled the room to about 1/2 capacity and they had a constant circle pit going on during each bands set that spanned the entire back of the floor.  It was so metal that at one point I was standing at the back of the crowd trying to get a good shot of the circle pit when a man tapped my shoulder to let me know I should watch my step.  To my surprise I was standing in a puddle of some random dudes blood, so much in fact that when I walked off I left a foot print.  Needless to say I left my shoes outside my car in the parking lot, it was too much DNA for me for one night.  You know what they say, “It’s not metal as fuck until there is blood”…or maybe that’s just me that says that.

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