Awolnation Rocks The STL…Again

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Sunday marked the third time I’ve photographed Awolnation and the third time I have been completey amazed by the reaction they received from the crowd.  Every time I have seen this band they deliver a stellar performance full of energy and sincerity, not to mention as you look around the room everyone is either singing aloud or banging their body to the rhythm this band delivers.  I was also able to catch the band that played before them called Atlas Genius who also had a way with the crowd and warmed them up perfectly before Awol took the stage.  It’s so great when that happens at a show.

Last night was a great night all around and there is not much more I can really say other then I love having the chance to photograph Awolnation, and the only negative criticism I could have is that I’m ready for them to put out another record so their setlist could be a bit more versatile.


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