Dave Matthews with Grace Potter – July 10th, 2013

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As I stated in my last blog entry, this week was a busy one.  My double header at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater ended with Dave Matthews and Grace Potter on Wednesday, July 10th.  This was an amazing night all around and my experience can be summed up in two simple statements:

  1. Grace Potter…enough said.  If you haven’t seen her live you are missing out.  This is a woman who is an amazing vocalist, jams on the guitar, is a multi-instrumentalist who also played the keys that night, and writes her own songs.  Not to mention her live performance is completely enthralling ranging from her twirling around on stage, to her staring into the crowd with a sexy cold glare that reminds you of a lioness ready to strike at her prey.
  2. Dave Matthews ended up having the greatest first three songs a concert photographer could ever dream of.  Generally three songs is maybe the equivalent of 15 minutes in the pit, but for Dave I was in the pit for 45 minutes.  This lead to a very calm shoot where you could take time to compose your shots and get your settings spot on which isn’t usually the case.  Also not to mention everyone in that band completely “owns” their instruments, as every member of the band from time to time had a chance to break off into some kind of solo or jam that was very impressive to witness.

This show was a great pairing of fantastic music and showmanship all around.  Enjoy the images and see this tour if it comes through your city!


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