Summerland Tour 2013 at River City – July 27th

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This past weekend marked the second time I’ve photographed the Summerland Tour and it was interesting to see how it has progressed.  Last year the tour went out which came through Family Arena and featured Everclear, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Lit, and Marcy’s Playground.  This year was scaled down a bit, switching to a smaller venue and having one less band with the lineup featuring Everclear, Live, Filter, and Sponge.   Observing this years show you could see the shells of a time in music that was almost magical and much like a bolt of lighting, there is a loud noise followed by a flash and in a second it has all passed.  Below is a quick run through of my take backs from the show.

  1. Live has been without Ed Kowalczyk since 2009, although the bands set was the most energetic of the night, it was like seeing a glorified Live tribute band.
  2. Shooting at River City when a show is general admission and you’re stuck at the soundboard requires a step stool, monopod, and patience…this point will be taken into consideration next time.
  3. Richard Patrick from Filter is a fantastic frontman and can scream his balls off!
  4. Art Alexakis needs to accept the fact that his voice is getting older and start adapting his performance to accommodate that, I would love to see an acoustic Everclear set sometime in the future.
  5. Sponge is refreshingly odd to see perform live and I totally forgot “Plowed” was by them, that song still rocks in case you’re wondering.

With this being my second Summerland Tour, I’m anxious to see what next year will bring.  I’d love to see some bands like Stabbing Westward, Butthole Surfers, Candlebox, Ministry, Hum, Better Than Ezra, Veruca Salt, Black Crowes, or Local H added to this tour that has been totted as an ode to the ’90’s.  Here’s to hoping for good things for this tour in the future!


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