Here’s To The Weekend…

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As most of you out there I spent today coming down from the weekend.  Monday’s are always rough but after today the rest of the week seems to pass by, as we sink into habit by partaking in the same weekly routines.  To throw a little sunlight on the subject I went through my pictures from Saturday’s random chain of events.  It was nice to have my camera along to simply photograph and document what my eye found intriguing, it also made me remember why I picked up a camera in the first place.  Often you get wrapped up in the drive to be successful in a field that steams from an art that you sometimes loose the shimmer for what originally sparked your creativity in the first place.  Photography for me is all about self expression and making the world look as you see it, to look at an object or person and capture a vantage point that carries itself through pixels and paper.  My random Saturday started off by admiring the roses that grow so vividly in my small city backyard, then heading to Gateway Raceway where I took a stab at an unfamiliar style of photography, and finally I ending up at Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Enjoy the documentation of an awesome Saturday and here’s to the weekend.


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