Gutterballs: A Big Lebowski Tribute at Plush – August 23rd, 2013

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Friday was a perfect start to my weekend because I had a chance to photograph an event that is a little different than what I’m use to.  Plush hosted as the venue for Gutterballs: A Big Lebowski Tribute, which was actually a burlesque theatre rendition of the iconic movie.  Being such a huge fan of the movie I was really interested to see how Producer/Director/Performer Fiona Flame was going to interpret this Coen brothers masterpiece.  I’ll have to say as I was photographing the show I was entertained the whole time.  The actors seemed comfortable in their roles and this film has such a strong cult following, that everyone in the crowd was practically reciting each scene that was being performed.    It kind of reminded me of the type of crowd interaction you would experience at a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I really enjoyed being able to cover this event and if you’re a huge Big Lebowski fan be on the lookout out for any future dates of this production, it is totally worth checking out!


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