Carnival of Madness

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Last night I got to photograph Carnival of Madness  at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater and it turned out to be a rock show that progressed like a moving train.  The tour consisted of five bands but I feel there were three acts that stuck out as the core performers on the tour.  Shinedown, Papa Roach, and In This Moment in my opinion where the bands not to miss.  Below are my three main take backs from the show to support that statement:

  1. In This Moment – two words….Maria Brink.  Her stage theatrics and multiple wardrobe changes make the bands performance stand out amongst other acts in their genre, not to mention the band that backs her rocks their ass off.   They deliver a performance that is intense and sincere, leaving you with an impression that everyone is on stage loving what they do.
  2. Papa Roach – one sentence…St. Louis loves them some Papa Roach.  During their set Jacoby actually took a moment to mention that St. Louis has always been a special place for Papa Roach.  The band always delivers and the crowd always eats it up, they really are one of the best bands to see live.
  3. Shinedown – one word…Pyrotechnics.  The only other time I had seen Shinedown was at Pops for a 1057 The Point special engagement that was an acoustic show, only featuring the guitarist and lead vocalist.  I was not prepared for the pyrotechnics, lights, and fire that added to the energy the band was delivering for the crowd last night.  Vocalist Brent Smith was taking time in between songs to amp the crowd up, egging them on to participate in the live performance and the audience seemed to have no issues following right along.

Enjoy the pics, it was a night filled with rock awesomeness!


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