“Another Post Card With Chimpanzees”…

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The title of this post refers to one of my favorite songs by Barenaked Ladies, last night they played the Peabody Opera House and I have to say I was impressed with how great they sounded.  The nature of this bands music is very dependent on the vocal harmonies the lead vocalists hit consistently on their records, which in my opinion is what makes up the signature sound that their fans have grown to love.  That being said I was really disappointed to find out that one of their lead vocalists, Steven Page, left the band in 2009.  The remaining members held their own live and on many tracks you couldn’t tell they were missing an original member, but for some reason when I photograph a band that doesn’t include the original lineup it kind of dampers the shoot a bit for me.  The set was still great and from the small bit that I heard I think fans were still delivered a great show, not to mention opener Whitehorse were amazing!

I was unfamiliar with Whitehorse before I arrived to the venue last night but this duet gave more of a performance than some 5 piece acts I’ve seen.  With the array of different instruments the two members kept changing up from song to song it kept the set entertaining.  One thing I found amazing was their use of old telephone receivers on their mic stands, which each performer used to distort their voices from time to time.  It was also awesome to witness the chemistry between this husband and wife pair, throughout the set they really performed in tandem and it added a level of sincerity to their live act that isn’t always prevalent.  A buddy told me not to miss this act and I think this will get added to my long list of bands I now have to check out.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and enjoy the pics!


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