Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin – Spring Green, WI 9/27/13

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At the end of September I took a family vacation to visit the Wisconsin Dells and tour Frank Lloyd Wrights home Taliesin, which is located in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  If you are not very familiar with the history of Frank Lloyd Wright, he was one of the most revolutionary architects in history…some would say the best.  Most of the homes/buildings you can tour are ones he was commissioned to design from a client base that spanned across the world.  I’ve toured 10 or so homes he designed and of that group two were ones he lived in himself.  Taliesin is special for many reasons, one in particular is that it showcases one of his signature design models of building “Prairie Style” homes that were designed to be built into the rolling landscape and geography of the region which the building was commissioned for.  There are also many different structures on this estate that provide for a very versatile and robust tour.

Other than the home itself there is a chapel, wind mill, school, barn, and an additional home he designed for his sister.  Generally you only get to appreciate one dwelling when you tour one of his structures, but in this case you really get to walk into the world of Mr. Wright.  There is also a somber side of the history of Taliesin, which was rebuilt three times due to damage from two fires and it was also unfortunately the site of multiple murders that were committed by an estranged member of Frank’s staff while he was away on business.   In visiting this home I walked away with a greater appreciation for this man’s life and his work, more so than any of his work I’ve seen to date.

If you are in Wisconsin you owe it to yourself to tour this home…and get fat on cheese curds!


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