August Burns Red at Pops – November 5th, 2013

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Tuesday night I got to shoot my first show in three weeks.  Every time I catch time off for that amount of time I always walk into my next show a little rusty and this show in particular was challenging because it was a metal show.  Metal bands are kind of challenging to shoot because generally their is a lot of jumping, head banging, and flailing guitars.  You have to be quick and it helps to have some consistent lighting so you can keep your shutter speed as fast as possible.  All the bands that played the other night were defiantly acts that stayed active throughout their entire set.

August Burns Red brought in three other acts that equally rocked the shit out of the crowd.  Blessthefall, Defeater, and Bear Tooth all came out swinging, delivering heavy sets that kept the crowd moshing and surfing their way over the barricades.  It actually felt like a wave where the crowd progressively grew more and more amped up.  Oddly enough I also noticed that many females are gravitating to the metal/heavy music scene, most of the audience crowd surfing were girls who were practically getting tossed over the line of security guards that were kept busy the entire night.  I spent along time in the local metal scene and it was great to go to a show and see a group of young people jamming to a bunch of heavy bands.

As they use to say back in the day, “It was metal as f**k”.


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