Tycho at Plush – November 6th, 2013

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This past Wednesday I got to shoot at Plush which is always a fun experience.  I won’t bore everyone with my constant showering of compliments towards this venue but to put it simple, the venue is awesome for three main reasons.  The beer selection is superb with I believe 20 beers on tap, they are a full service restaurant so food can be ordered throughout the night, and the room the stage is located in offers great sound as well as many vantage points to enjoy the show from.  All of that being said, the show on 11/6 was defiantly one of those that made me feel old.

As the room started getting crowded more and more people started filling in the front, where I was trying to wait out until Tycho’s 2nd or 3rd song, I engaged in many conversations.  To be honest I was mostly confused by this group of people in their early twenties, some might have even been freshman’s in college which puts them in the age group of 18-19.  What confused me was the entire vibe of the evening and the type of music the two bands were preforming.  The opening act Beacon wasn’t bad but the act consisted of two members, one that mostly sampled as well as used an electric MIDI drum throughout the set and the other member sang as well as sampled throughout their set.  The vocalist was very high pitched which gave their music a groovy/electronic/indie/ jazz fusion sound.  The only thing I can compare it to is Chino from the Deftones performing Sade’s classic “Ordinary Love”.  It was not a bad performance, but I must be old fashion and I have a hard time getting into a live performance that doesn’t include real instruments and a drum kit.  Two dudes behind mixing counsels will never be a concert to me, it’s more like being at a party in somebody’s poor lit basement.  To each their own but as I’ve said, I’m getting older and very set in the ways of rock music.  Tycho on the other had was a little more redeeming.

Before Tycho took stage it was clear by the set up that they were going to be a different band compared to Beacon.  With a drum kit, electric guitars, and a bass guitar set up on stage I was a little more interested in what they had to deliver.  It also appeared that most everyone in the room came to see Tycho so you could really feel the anticipation build before they took stage.  From the first note the band hit people were kind of swaying to the music in the crowd, not to mention the show also consisted of some interesting lighting technics with images projected over the band throughout their set.  This really added an element for the crowd to experience and be engaged with throughout the bands performance.  I was also amazed that I never heard a vocal track in one of their songs, so it appeared to be mostly an instrumental tracks that this band composes.  Even with the real instruments on stage the sound Tycho produced was still very electronic.  I also noticed that there were no amplifiers on stage and there was an immense amount of sampling equipment Scott Hansen maned throughout their set and I started to hear how every note being played was being processed in some fashion.

If you are a fan of electronic indie music you should check these two acts out, I’m realizing that I am unfortunately not too much of a fan of this genre of music.  I still respect their craft but it is not my cup of tea, give me straight up rock music and hold the sampling please.


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