Sara Evans Rocked River City

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Tonight I had a great night photographing a genre of music that I don’t generally listen to.  River City Casino hosted a show for one of country music’s biggest stars, Sara Evans, and the place was more packed than I’ve ever seen it.  It the room wasn’t sold out I would be surprised.  I also randomly ended up filling in as a camera man for a Sara Evans interview, which was awesome in it’s own right, before the show started.  Coming off of that cloud I was immediately thrown into the venue to photograph right as Sara took stage.  The lighting was fantastic and with the venue so full you could really feel the excitement in the room as the show began.  Although I only stayed to photography the first three songs, I guarantee the rest of the show was a treat for the crowd.  From Sara’s first song the crowd was clapping and cheering, which kept getting louder and louder with each song in the set.  Before tonight I had never heard a Sara Evans song, I had no idea she was from Missouri, and I didn’t realize how many people were into her music.

This past evening went by in a flash and it was just a great experience all around, enjoy the slideshow!


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