Winter Has Arrived…

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This past weekend marked the end of deer season for 2013 as well as the 17th year hunting with my family on our property in Morrison County.  To be honest hunting is not so much about whether I come back with venison or not, it’s more about being able to spend some time away from my home and reconnect with family.  This activity has become a tradition and something that all the men on my Dad’s side of the family, counting myself, have done for four generations.  In between being in a deer stand and having some brews at the end of the day around the fire there is usually a couple hours in the day where we all take time to do whatever we want to do.  These are the times I find myself wondering around with my camera trying to notice something interesting or inspiring to capture an image of.  This season it felt as if winter went into full swing with temperatures in the morning that ranged from 18-27 degrees.  This lead to some fantastically frozen icicles sprouting out of old drain pipes and off the side of bluffs that spanned stories high.  As I took pictures along side the bluff featured in the slideshow I could feel drips of ice cold water beading on top of my head, it was quite a humbling thing to experience.

Enjoy the slideshow and try keeping an eye out for frozen structures forming all around you as these cold temperatures are going to be around for awhile.  Frozen water is one of the best things to see this time of the year!


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