House On The Rock – Spring Green, WI

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At the end of September when I traveled to Wisconsin to visit Frank Lloyd Wrights Taliesin we also toured a home called House On The Rock, which was built by Alex Jordan Jr. who was inspired by the work of Wright.  This structure I will have to say was not like any other dwelling I’ve ever toured.  The home sits up high on a rock 60 feet in the air called Deer Shelter Rock and overlooks the rolling hills in a nearby forest which is quite impressive, and the home itself snakes through different low lit living quarters with low roofs that have ornate decor.  Leading into the home you walk across many bridges and passages that are built into beautifully landscaped gardens with flowing waterfalls.  Walking through the home you could tell it was a labor of love for Jordan and one of the most impressive parts of the tour is when you walk into the Infinity Room.

This room slowly narrows to a point that stretches 218 feet off of the side of the rock and is 156 feet above the ground level of the forest underneath this dramatic extension.  Spending much of his money to build the home, Jordan in 1959 opened the home to the public for tours and to display his random collection of antiques, animatronics, cars, and anything else that he had collected over the years.  As you can see from the slideshow it is a random collection of free style photography where I literally took photos of whatever caught my eye.  There is no rhyme or reason to what I captured that day but then again that is kind of the overall feeling of Mr. Jordan’s collection of “weird shit”…to put it simply.


3 thoughts on “House On The Rock – Spring Green, WI

  1. Thanks Chelsea and Kevin, I appreciate the kind words. If you are ever in Spring Green, Wisconsin this is tour worth taking. Some parts are a little freaky though with the animatronics…kind of like Disney World’s “It’s A Small World” ride on mescaline. 🙂

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