Atlas Genius at The Pageant – December 9th, 2013

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Last night I got to photograph my first show in three weeks and man I was rusty.  The lighting of course was not as ideal as I would have liked it to be but in concert photography having those challenges are all part of the gig.  To my knowledge last night was the first headlining show Atlas Genius has played in St. Louis.  I remember first hearing about the band when I photographed them opening for Awolnation back in July and it appears sense then they have gotten a lot of attention with their current single “If So”, which they played second in their setlist.  I was also able to photograph the entire set last night, so I stayed longer than what I generally do for shows I’m covering and to my surprise the band ripped into a cover of the Blur’s “Song 2” about six songs into their set.  I found this to be amusing because a group of people I was standing around kept saying it was a Nada Surf cover, but like every other person their last night, they were young-ins so I let them have their fun as opposed to making it a John Cusack “High Fidelity” kind of moment.

Enjoy the pic, this show kicks off a week filled with 4 concerts I’m covering so stay tuned for more concert photography coming your way!


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