Alt J & Grouplove – 1057 The Point Ho Ho Show #2

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Last night I was rocking it out at the Pageant again, covering 1057 The Points Ho Ho Show #2 which featured Alt-J and Grouplove.  Although it was the first time I’ve seen or photographed Alt-J, it marked the 3rd time I’ve photographed Grouplove who are always so much fun live.  The lighting was again a bit of a challenge with smoke machines firing heavy and constant back lighting which kept my ISO right at about 2000 for most of the show.  I wouldn’t say my work turned out as well as I would have liked it to but I think I did walk away with some great images of Grouplove.  Even though Alt-J was the headliner, I personally felt like the show ended once Grouplove’s set was over.  Between the energy Christian Zucconi (vocalist/guitar player) and Hannah Hooper (vocalist/keyboard player) were displaying for the crowd, you had a hard time deciding who you should follow as both musicians were shaking, jumping, dancing and moving throughout their entire set.  Alt-J was not bad at all, they just had a “chiller” vibe than Grouplove and it was awesome to see the crowd so happily grooving to their tunes as well.

Enjoy the pics, I have tonight off but will be back at it tomorrow for Ho Ho Show #4 featuring 30 Seconds To Mars!


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