30 Seconds To Mars w/ Twenty One Pilots – December 12th, 2013

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This past Thursday the Pageant hosted 1057 The Point’s Ho Ho Show #4.  The sold out crowd was an interesting mix of females ripe with anticipation for Jared Leto to take stage and the other half were fans cheering with excitement to see the amazing duo that makes up Twenty One Pilots.

Last December I had the opportunity to photograph Twenty One Pilots when they played the opening slot at a Ho Ho Show featuring Fun and Joy Formidable, at that time I was amazed but this time around it was unbelievable to see the show these two guys deliver to a crowd.  Their set was energetic with drummer Josh Dun pounding away on his kit and doing back flips off of the piano.  No to mention vocalist/pianist/ukulele player, Tyler Joseph, ran the stage from one end to the other often engaging with the crowd and motioning for them to participate in the show.  The finale of their set concluded with an electric and percussion based jam where both of them being surfed over of the crowd on platforms as they played both beat on drums.  You’d think this kind of set would be delivered by the headliner but this evening had just began.

About 40 minutes after Twenty One Pilots triumphantly left stage, with the house lights out and smoke machines on full blast, the crowd screamed for 30 Seconds to take stage.  Electronic beats started thumping as a huge illuminated triangular symbol lit the band just enough for them to cast silhouettes that extended shadows over the crowd, like giants taking the stage.  Jared, with long hair and full bread, pretty much exploded once the first song started.  He often stopped to hold his microphone over the crowd as they sang loudly to most everything in the bands set.

This was a great rock show with two acts that delivered an amazing night of music to a sold out crowd.  It was so much fun and I think everyone in the room was feeling that same vibe.


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