Phoenix w/ Bastille – December 13th, 2013

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Friday kicked off this past weekend with me covering 1057 The Points Ho Ho Show #5, my fourth night that week at the Pageant.  This show was sold out as well and featured two bands that I felt completely out of the loop about, Phoenix and Bastille.

Bastille took stage and there was quite a bit of singing along that took place right from the get go which always is a good gage on how much of the crowd is filled with die hard fans.  Not knowing they were from the UK, it surprised me even more that they displayed such a strong following in St. Louis.  Lead vocalist Dan Smith was awesome to watch as he kept active of stage often bobbing from one end to the other and sporadically adding percussion to songs by playing a set of floor toms, as well as playing keyboards from time to time.  After being received well they lead perfectly into the main act of the night, Phoenix.

Phoenix is one of those bands that seem to have a bit of a cult following, with their single “Trying To Be Cool” doing so great I really felt like I should have walked into this show being more familiar with the bands material.  They granted the photographers access for the entire show so it was a very unique experience and provided all of us in the pit an opportunity to capture parts of the show that we generally don’t get to shoot.  That alone made me leave the venue with an interest in Phoenix, not to mention everyone in the crowd was loving every minute of their set as they jammed through songs with quite an appealing light show.  With a projection screen that spanned the entire length of the stage, the crowd could be visually stimulated by something other than a group of musicians that obviously love the hell out of what they are doing…which is always a plus and makes for an all around awesome live experience!


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