Reflections of a Snow Day…After the Holidays

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On Saturday in the late evening through Sunday afternoon St. Louis got spanked by a winter storm.  Blistering winds, close to a foot of snow in some areas, and temperatures that stayed below 0 for over 24 hours!  In fact many places in the country are experiencing the same thing, some people call it “Snowpocalypse” but I like to say it’s just Mother Nature making us her “bitch”.  With this awesome storm occurring right after the holidays it was a great excuse to spend time in your home putting it back together after the craziness of the Holiday Season.  This lead me to trying to capture the beauty of the snow from the comfort of my heated home, trying to take pictures of my favorite glass ornaments in my wife’s collection, and following my dog around until she did something cute.  It was relaxing, unplanned, and completely prefect…and I loved the snow until I had to shovel it in temperatures ranging from -5 to -2 degrees.


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