Panic At The Disco Caused A Frenzy At The Pageant

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Last night I got to photograph the sold out Panic At The Disco show at the Pageant, which was much more comfortable than the last time I photographed this act at the Firebird.  The room was packed with tons of frantic girls screaming in excitement to the point where even an aimlessly wondering roadie walking across stage caused a frenzy, as the women in the room were mistakenly expecting them to be a band member taking stage.  In fact security actually came around to reinforce all the joints in the barriers in front of the stage with layers of gaffers tape to prepare the front row for the pressure it was about to take from the crowd pushing forward to get as close as they possibly could to the band.  While waiting in the pit you could already see the front row uncomfortably squirming as the back of the floor already started to pack in tighter and tighter.  To be honest I found this display to be quite amusing due to the fact the only time I’ve ever experienced a crowd of that force was when I’ve been on the floor for a Deftones show, which is a band with a sound that holds a little more intensity in their music.  Regardless of my personal feelings I could see why the crowd enjoyed Panic at the Disco so much as they delivered a very high level of energy, as well as displayed a very active lighting set up that also added to the engagement level of their set.  I was happy to be able to cover the show last night and I hope I presented an accurate portrayal of the energetic nature of a Panic at the Disco show through the photo’s I’ve shared in this blog post.


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