Fitz and the Tantrums

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Last night was pretty awesome, to be honest other than the few songs I’ve caught on the radio I really was not familiar at all with Fitz and the Tantrums.  Below are five things I learned quickly about the band:

  1. They consist of 6 members which filled the stage nicely.
  2. They have a rocking chick vocalist who is hard to stop watching on stage.
  3. Frontman Michael Fitzpatrick is as energetic on stage as he is tall, larger than life.  I only point this out because most frontmen are no taller than an average woman.
  4. The musical style of the band is defiantly on the funkier side, and I dig it.
  5. The crowd was so packed into the venue that the photo pit was half the size it usually is, which means it was one hell of a sell out if not within single persons away from being one.

As a concert photographer you generally reach a point where for some shows you’re going through the motions, but last night was a good change of pace.  In fact I left wanting to learn more about this band and pick up their records to see what gems were in store for me to discover.


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