The Airborne Toxic Event

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Last night was Birth Month Show #3 for 1057 the Point, which featured The Airborne Toxic Event.  The crowd was just the right size for an intimate setting like a small club, which offered a nice vibe for the evening and made everyone in the room feel like they were close to the band.  I’ll have to say that my knowledge of this bands catalog stops after their debut release, which features their hit single “Wishing Well”.  I’m not sure anyone can hate that song, every time I hear it in the car it just makes you want to role my windows down and drive until there is no more road to travel on.  In fact I thought it was very boss of this band to open with “Wishing Well” which I found very triumphant.  I didn’t stay for much than the 6th song of their set so I can’t say much more than that the die hards in the crowd seemed to be enjoying every minute of the show, which is always a comforting site to witness.



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