The Avett Brothers Night 1 at Peabody Opera House

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I arrived to a sold out show at the Peabody Opera House last night for the first of three Avett Brothers headlining shows.  I have to admit that what I experienced in the 5 songs I was able to enjoy unexpectedly surprised me, as I was completely mistaken about this band.  I had always known the Avett Brothers for their softer folky style of writing, to my surprise by the second song both frontmen were moving around the stage as their Chello player swung his instrument about.  Scott Avett strummed aggressively on his banjo, so hard that the strings were in a constant blurred state of movement and his brother Seth offered a great performance with intensity showing on his face as he bellowed lyrics out that echoed throughout the theatre.  This is the second time in a week that I’ve went to a show not expecting anything and walked away with another band to add to my list of acts to become more familiar with.  It was a great night and the Peabody Opera House was perfect for the vibe that the band set for the evening, I can only imagine what they have in store for the next two nights.


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