The Neighbourhood at Pageant – Friday, March 14th, 2014

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This Friday was a quick in and out for me at the Pageant to shoot The Neighbourhood.  I had a prior engagement before the show and missed photographing the first two bands.  I did have the pleasure of seeing the second band of the night, which played before The Neighbourhood, called Kitte.  As I watched the last 20 minutes of Kittie’s set I started to feel a little bad for The Neighbourhood, who was going to have a very tough act to follow.  Not only did Kittie have a front woman that completely owned the stage, the entire band rocked out and it made me feel like I was watching a rock band with some heart.  This is something that, in my opinion, is becoming lost in this genre of music and I really hope I get another chance to photograph Kittie.  As far The Neighbourhood, this was my second time photographing them and I still walked away not getting it.

As The Neighbourhood took stage the lighting was low, which never helps set a good tone for a shoot.  The bands appearance, their sound, their mandate to force photographers to only shoot them in Black & White, and pretty much everything else about them I just don’t get.  Loved the opportunity to photograph at the lovely Pageant, and I don’t mean to disrespect The Neighbourhood or their fans, but I could not find it in myself to dig this band.


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