Between the Buried and Me – March 18th, 2014

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What a busy week it has been!  On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of photographing one hell of a metal show at Pop’s.  The turn out was not bad at all, filling the floor from the stage to the back of the bar.  I had heard for years about the band Between the Buried and Me but wasn’t familiar with their catalog, so before heading to the show I purchased their 2005 release Alaska on iTunes.  I discovered, with only listening to about a minute of the album, that I was in for a “metal as fuck” type show and it most certainly was.  Not only was this a chance to experience a new metal band for me, to my surprise I was the only photographer in the pit that night.  It was roomy and it nice to spread out, and let me tell you this band is a loud live act.  So loud in fact that it felt like the vocalist was screaming inside my head, it was freaking awesome!  I walked away with some good pics and a new band to jam, that equals a success in my book.


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