Lorde – A Performer Way Past Her Age

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Last night Lorde stole the hearts of a sold out crowd at Peabody Opera House.  As the stage was being set up you didn’t know what to expect with a mic stand at center stage, a rack mount of synths to the stage right, and a minimal drum kit with electronics to stage left.  It was quite the stripped down set, but once Lorde took stage it was evident that the set required not much more than her.  With a full head of hair that feathered out as she sporadically twitched and doubled over throughout her songs, her intensity and powerful voice was enough to keep a theatre packed full of people on their feet throughout her entire set.  I have to admit that I’ve felt that given the young age of this artist and the extreme amount of commercial success that her single “Royals” has had, that Lorde was a perfect example of a fad that would pass like yesterday’s Facebook feed.  I could not have be more wrong, Lorde’s performance was remnant of the heart that the last great wave of rock artist had in the ’90’s.  Not to mention that she doesn’t perform like, carry herself like, or present herself like a normal 17 year old high school girl.  For a show that pretty much consisted of a young girl on stage with a microphone and her voice, she had more soul than most 5 piece rock acts have that I photograph.  Kudos to her and I wish her a long and successful career!


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