St. Louis Comic Con, April 4th – 6th, 2014

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Over the weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing the second Comic Con to visit St. Louis.  As I walked into the America Center I was not prepared for the size event this years Comic Con had grown into.  It had to be at least three times bigger than last year and seemed to offer a higher level of celebrity guest appearances as well.  Below are my Top 5 Moments of St. Louis Comic Con 2014.

  1. William Shatners Q & A – He proved he was still the “Captain” by being the only person I saw that day that had the table removed from the stage so they could move from each side of the theatre to engage with the crowd.  It was awesome!
  2. The Cos Players – The amazing thing I noticed this year was that there was an even turn out of observers coming to see what it was all about and die hards who you could tell had been waiting for the Con since the date was announced.  In this mix it really cultivated a celebrity status for all the attendees that dressed in costume, so much so that you often had to wait your turn to snap a photo of them.
  3. The Art – The vendors with countless booths of hand drawn pieces blow my mind every year.  The life like quality that some of the images had was enough to get lost in as you walked the show room floor.
  4. TV Series References – It was so much fun to see Cos Players bringing characters to life from such loved series as Firefly, Archer, Game of Thrones, and Sherlock.  Some people think Comic Con is all about Comics, but if your are a SCI-FI or Fantasy fan on any level you are guaranteed to find something to keep you interested at the Con.
  5. Firefly Q & A with Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk – If you don’t know about the show Firefly do yourself a favor and watch it immediately.  It could be the TV show that has caused the biggest uproar from being canceled of any TV show history.  For instance, fans sat in the theatre for three hours of other celebrity Q & A’s to ensure they had a spot for the Firefly session.

Do yourself a favor and go to a Comic Con once if your life, you will leave a happier person.


4 thoughts on “St. Louis Comic Con, April 4th – 6th, 2014

  1. Reblogged this on Distorted Eight and commented:
    STL Comic Con 2014,
    So sad to have missed it, lucky a friend of mine from my internship at Emmis Communications was able to go and take some wonderful pictures. Check it out:

  2. This looks way better than last year! Oh so sad I missed it. Hopefully I’ll see you there next year. Wonderful pictures Adam, but where’s the Doctor and Amy?!

      1. Awe no! That’s so sad. Matt Smith would have been on the top of my list! Its okay. Still great pictures. I’m glad you had fun. Can’t wait to see what they put together next year!

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