Chevelle at The Pageant – April 5th, 2014

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From the latency of my recent posts you can maybe tell that last weekend was absolutely crazy with photo gigs.  Two concerts and two days of Comic Con coverage turned out to be quite the work load to take on, but I loved every minute of it…until it was time to edit.  This post is the last of two shows from last weekend and it was the first time I have ever covered a headlining Chevelle show.  I was also the only photographer in the pit which has never happened to me at the Pageant, it was weird but nice.  As far as the bands set went, the new album La Gargola seems to present the band with more assertiveness than I’ve seen them perform with in the past.  I found it fantastic that the second song they played that night was The Clincher, which is one of their most well known cuts and you could tell it was also a huge crowd pleaser.  As the band continued there set it was great to see them moving a bit more than usual, and their sound was awesome as always with thundering guitar riffs that crunched through the concert club in heavy music harmony.  Get the new album, La Gargola, because soon you will need something to jam loud with your windows down and I think this record will do the trick!


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